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Welcome to The SEAI Mapping System Wiki

Geographic Information Systems are a visual presentation of static data. The data, which will contain some reference to location, is displayed on a interactive map. These maps and associated tools allow users to quickly identify patterns, to observe trends, strengths, weaknesses, to find opportunities and to drill down to more specific data while retaining a visual component to make the data more digestible and easy to understand.

The links below will bring you to a wiki with detailed information on all aspects of a specific SEAI GIS – how to use it, what tools are available, what data is available and where it came from etc. For developers, the thought processes and development behind the GIS data are also contained here.

There are five maps in the SEAI GIS suite:

We are always keen to answer any questions you may have, discuss where it needs to be improved and any other comments users may have. Please email your comments, thoughts and suggestions to, with GIS in the subject line.


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