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Geothermal Maps

In 2004, CSA Group completed a study commissioned by SEAI which aimed at identifying the potential resources of geothermal energy in Ireland. One of the outcomes of the project was to create a series of geothermal maps for Ireland.

These maps present the following data:

  • Modelled subsurface temperatures at 10m, 100m, 500m, 1,000m, 2,500m and 5,000m depths;
  • Geologic regions and rock type.

The Geothermal Maps of Ireland will be particularly useful for researchers, consultants and decision-makers interested in assessing the geothermal potential at any location in Ireland.  Geothermal data will display when you click the area on the map for which you require this data.

To view the Geothermal Maps resource, click here

For further information on the Geothermal Energy Review study, click here


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