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Geothermal Data Layers

This page provides links to details on each of the data layers contained in the Geothermal GIS. Each data layer is a single map projection, overlaid on one of the base layers (grey canvas, streets map, imagery, etc.). The information contained in the sub-pages includes, for example, the source of the data, and usage notes.

  1. Reference Layers
  2. NPWS Designated Areas
  3. Other
    • Boreholes 100m
    • Geological Faults
  4. Geothermal Modelled Temperatures (degrees Celsius)
    • Temperature at 5000m
    • Temperature at 2500m
    • Temperature at 1000m
    • Temperature at 500m
    • Temperature at 100m
    • Temperature at 10m
  5. GSI Ground Source Heating/Cooling Suitability Maps
    • Vertical Closed Loop Suitability
    • Open Loop Domestic Suitability
    • Open Loop Commercial Suitability

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