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Hydro Power Map

Small Scale Hydro Power Map

SEAI’s Small Scale Hydro Power resource map is a digital map of Ireland’s small-scale hydroelectric potential as identified in the 1985 Department of Energy report “Small Scale Hydro Electric Potential of Ireland” .

That report details the most comprehensive survey to date of the small scale hydropower resource for all of Ireland. The original report should be referred to for more information on the survey, assessment methodologies and data.  More recent hydrometric survey data for particular river catchments may be available from other sources, in particular the Office of Public Works.

The maximum hydro power potential for any site on a river is directly proportional to the fall at that site and to the flow of the river. Consequentially, the information needed to estimate the hydro power at any site is the height of the fall and the magnitude of river flows at that site.  This information contained in this map include catchment area, rainfall (mm), mean flow, head, potential and site rating at identified sites around Ireland.

For more information on developing small scale hydropower projects please visit the SEAI hydropower web-page